Everyday life at Nokia

The everyday life of a company is defined by its values. Company values are like breathing. If everything is in order our breathing is steady and we barely take notice of it at all. Still, it is there and stays with us for every hour of the day. However, when our poise is broken and something requires effort, that is when the right breathing matters and it helps us to regain our strength. Company values are like that. They are with us in our everyday life and are barely noticeable. When a conflict arises or simply good decisions are needed, common values help our work and cooperation.


We respect each other in our everyday lives and assume that all of us have the best intentions towards each other. When things go wrong then this attitude becomes an advantage. To us, respect means an empathetic, supportive attitude - the acceptance of differences and similarities. As a leader, it means an approach that includes giving direct feedback and sometimes accepting decisions which we do not agree with.


We work together to achieve outstanding results and provide superb products and services to our customers. And, of course, to win in the marketplace.

We aim high in everything we do, and we are never content with a simple „OK”. We know that productive teams comprise of high capacity individuals, who take responsibility and accountability - and who keep the company’s interests in mind.

Quality and constant development are clear requirements for us. Not only do we believe that the job has to be done right the first time, but also that we can do it even better for the second time. Our actions are based on factual decisions and outstanding execution. When we agree upon something, we will do it; when we engage, we keep our promise.


Renewal is about developing ourselves – how do we develop our company, how do we create impressive, new products and services, which shake-up the marketplace. We are committed to supporting those who take on the development of their abilities and share their practical knowledge with their colleagues.

On a company level, renewal is about innovation, it is about the continuous renewal of our product portfolio in order to stay in a leading position in the marketplace.


We always strive towards better performance, and constantly question the status quo within our company and outwards. We know that the world around us is continuously changing, and to keep up with it, we have to continually challenge ourselves and the world. The market opportunity is obvious, but we need ambition, commitment, and the right mentality to take it.

We are never afraid to ask difficult questions, we do not avoid giving direct feedback, we strive for the right results and discuss improvements openly, but with respect. All of this is never done in an arrogant way, but humbly, listening to others and taking on challenges together.

Arneil Pacula
R&D System
Verification Engineer,
MBB HetCore
It feels good to work with a team and a mentor who are all open, helpful, professionals in their respective fields and acceptive towards other cultures or religious practices.
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