Nokia Code Jam

Nokia Code Jam 2016

See the final results, the participants list, and our video about Nokia Code Jam final, and we congratulate for winner teams: Verba, asdf and Digital Hammer.

Final results


Solve the challenges of the system!

Are you familiar with C++ or JAVA? Do you like thinking in strategies?

Then this competition is for You! Apply in a team of 3 to Nokia Code Jam, where the task of the qualifying round will be to create a telecommunication strategy software.

The professionals of Nokia acquire knowledge of modern telecommunications through developing 4G/LTE systems. They receive exciting tasks and real professional challenges, while gaining experience in a multinational work environment. This guarantees that in the competition, you will also need to solve realistic problems while facing unexpected challenges and obstacles.

The best 16 teams will have the chance to participate in the 8-hour live programming final in front of the jury of Nokia, where their softwares will compete with each other. The prizes to be obtained are also outstanding:

1st place: 700 000 HUF

2nd place: 200 000 HUF

3rd place: 100 000 HUF

Special award: the school of the best secondry education team will be awarded by

30 000 Ft voucher.

The competition is open for anybody who has the spirit and persistence to solve the challenges of the system. Do not hesitate, enter today!

How can all of this be Yours?

First, create a team with 2 of your mates and enter Nokia Code Jam. Then you should make it to the best 16 teams in the online qualifying round. Finally, you should prove your skills at the 8-hour live final, where the best 16 teams compete with each other for the first prize!

Registration deadline: 24th October 2016, midnight

The detailed timing.


Anyone can participate in Nokia Code Jam, high school students, university students, fresh graduates and experienced professionals as well. 

Nokia Code Jam is available for the employees of Nokia as an internal competition. The timing and the task is the same, but the groups from Nokia are competing separately from the others.

Further information

We welcome all the students in secondary and higher education to the competition, and also those who have finished their studies.

During the registration, a team is considered a student team, if all 3 team members have an active student status in a university/college. For the registration, you will need to ask for a unique registration code from the local organizer of your school (see the list below).

If one or more members of the team do not have an active student status, the team is considered a professional team, and you do not need a registration code.

If you have any problems or questions, you can write to our email address, .

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Arneil Pacula
R&D System
Verification Engineer,
MBB HetCore
It feels good to work with a team and a mentor who are all open, helpful, professionals in their respective fields and acceptive towards other cultures or religious practices.
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