Timing - Nokia Code Jam

Registration deadline: 3rd November 2016, midnight

Timing of the online qualifying round:

Publishing the downloadable content related to the game: 25th October

End of Round 1: 2nd November

End of test round : 9th November

End of Round 2: 16th November

End of Round 3: 23th November

We will publish the results on the 25th November

You can send us your questions during the qualifying rounds to

You can also meet us for a live consultation session on the following dates:

2nd November: 15:30-17:30. 
8th November: 15:30-17:30. 
15th November: 15:30-17:30. 

Where: Nokia, Budapest, Köztelek u. 6 1092, see it on map

Final: end of November 2016

Arneil Pacula
R&D System
Verification Engineer,
MBB HetCore
It feels good to work with a team and a mentor who are all open, helpful, professionals in their respective fields and acceptive towards other cultures or religious practices.
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