Real stories from our colleagues

Open and cooperative team work

Arneil Pacula
R&D System
Verification Engineer,
MBB HetCore

My wife is Hungarian, this is how I came to Hungary from the Philippine Islands, and later to the Hungarian Technology Center of Nokia. A former Nokia employee suggested the company to me and I have been strengthening the System Verification team for three years now. I worked in a similar field in the Philippine Islands, so I had a comparison.

I found it very pleasing that I was employed at Nokia full-time after the three-month probation period. In the Philippine Islands this employment procedure could take from six months up to two years, meanwhile the salary is less favorable. Furthermore, Nokia places a lot more emphasis on a balanced work schedule, and on flexible work time: I can decide when to arrive at work and when to return home as long as I work for 40 hours a week.

The most notable difference between Nokia Networks and companies in the Philippine Islands was with the opportunity to learn and develop myself. At Nokia, there are countless paths towards learning, including the Learning Academy program, modern literature, advanced technologies and, of course, the support of my mentor. Each year, every employee has to spend 40 hours on optional training. In addition, there are also mandatory training programs, for example, in topics like Ethical Business or Quality Management. It makes me happy that not only can I partake in these trainings, but I also hold a few of them myself. Most of the time I work as an engineer, but through these training sessions or through mentoring I have the opportunity to share my knowledge with others.

I found two passions here at Nokia: engineering work and teaching.

„It feels good to work with a team and a mentor who are all open, helpful, professionals in their respective fields and acceptive towards other cultures or religious practices.

Apart from professional opportunities, Nokia offers numerous outdoors and sports activities to its employees. For example, I participate in the basketball team and also visit the football club. If the opportunity arises within the company, I would love to enroll onto a Hungarian language course.

Flexible work time helps to balance work and private life

Eszter Ginál
Sotware Engineer,
MBB Liquid Core

I have always enjoyed informatics, and having already focused on this area in high school, there was no question that I would continue this journey.

I started working at Nokia while I was still a university student, and I have been a developer ever since. Besides, I had the chance to try myself out as a scrum master, so currently I am coordinating the daily works of part of my team. My job is truly colorful; I face new tasks and challenges each and every day.

I feel very lucky to be surrounded by colleagues who are not only skilled professionals but also good team players. I enjoy working with them, but also there are many fun opportunities to spend our free time together.

We have a stretching spine health class, manager massage, aerobic classes, and almost 40 types of sports clubs available with a supportive budget. There is a weekly running session too, in which I often participate. Our most recent group activity is dance classes: we learn the movements of different genres from other colleagues.

“Thanks to flexible work time, balancing work and private life has not been an issue even during my university years.”

It is a priceless opportunity that we can try ourselves in different fields and follow the most modern practices, something that is indispensable for employees in the ICT sector.

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