Why work with us?

International environment

Our teams are international, involving experts and groups from a variety of countries in the development of certain projects. Our teams from Hungary and from abroad are in daily interaction with each other, often conducting tasks across continents, thus expanding their professional experiences internationally and also developing their English language skills. 


Our work culture is unique and attractive due to flexible work schedules, remote working possibilities, and an accommodating work atmosphere. There is numerous direct feedback about our youthful and supporting management approaches that we are very proud of. This is worth a try! Whoever starts their career with us, will hardly find a comparable work environment. The proof for this is the number of resigned employees that return to work with us.


The location of our offices is also a desirable aspect for those who are in favor of easy accessibility both by car or public transport. Free parking garages and being in the close neighborhood of Kálvin square, the Corvin district, and the university campuses are all so rewarding, that many of our colleagues feel that they could hardly find a better location in the city. A modern and refined office atmosphere, a green yard with cafeterias, a pleasant park and a street full of restaurants (Ráday street) are all in the surrounding area.

It is hard to compete with what is mentioned above, but we still took up the challenge to top it: in the summer of 2015, we officially announced our plans to move to a new headquarters in the heart of the Corvin district. The new building will be measuring up to the most modern and unique architectural and interior design, as well as the highest technical specifications. Our new technology center will make our work more convenient with innovative solutions!


Those who choose Nokia begin their career with a competitive salary. But this is not all!

Our complex benefits scheme includes the following:

•    Competitive cafeteria package,

•    Annual bonus payout that might multiply with the company’s success,

•    Company group insurance for employees, their family members and for interns who are temporarily employed by the company,

•    Free medical care (with our on-site company doctor),

•    Free mobile phone usage,

•    Numerous sports clubs and programs to choose from

Feedback from our youthful employees shows that among the most valued perks (of the job) are the high-quality gym and sauna, and a lounge complete with a pool table, pinball machine, and table football. We do whatever we can to ensure that our employees are refreshed during and after the workday is over.

We work with advanced technologies

While working on the development of 4G/LTE networks, our engineers acquire the most up-to-date knowledge of the telecoms industry. As a software engineer, you have the opportunity to specialize in several different fields, for example, you could become a development engineer or a test engineer. Also, later on, other positions could open up for you, such as a specification engineer or an architect, among others. In addition, there is a significant accumulation of 5G research, virtualization, and Data Science knowledge here, and these directions are open to those who are interested. Our company offers interesting tasks, serious professional challenges, and international career opportunities. In a multinational environment, such as ours, the use and development of the English language is also an integral part of our everyday life.

Arneil Pacula
R&D System
Verification Engineer,
MBB HetCore
It feels good to work with a team and a mentor who are all open, helpful, professionals in their respective fields and acceptive towards other cultures or religious practices.
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